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29th April 2020
alex aaronson photography

Essential Event Photography Tips from Alex Aaronson

Here at Alex Aaronson you have probably come across some of my event work; from fashion runways to private gatherings, I have encountered many different kinds of this particular niche of photography, and I am going to share a few useful tips that could be useful if you are interested in starting. While if you want to make a career of it you will eventually get bookings, if you just want some practice you can just start bringing your camera to the next party or event you go to, and give it a spontaneous try: as long as you keep […]
19th May 2020
alex aaronson photography

Alex Aaronson’s Top Lake Photography Tips

If you take a look at the Alex Aaronson portfolio, you will notice that I quite enjoy lake photography. Capturing the natural beauty of lakes during different times of day is truly a fascinating and very relaxing experience. However, there are certain tips you should keep in mind if you want for your photos to turn out amazing every single time. First off, you should always try to find a natural frame for your scene. Perhaps you are taking a photo of a lake from a cottage window, or through some overarching tree branches- make use of your surroundings to […]
31st December 2019
alex aaronson photography

Fashion Week Chronicles with Alex Aaronson

Given that we are in the middle of the winter season, I thought that it would be nice to take it back to the sunny and warm months of the year and recap my experience working at the Miami Fashion Week. I still remember the excitement of receiving an invitation with “Alex Aaronson” written on the front- that was one of my first jobs as a professional photographer and I felt very lucky to be attending. As a young photographer who has been interested in fashion from an early age, this was the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my […]
15th October 2019
Alex Aaronson Photography

Through the lens of Alex Aaronson’s Photography: fashion as a means of self-expression

As some of you who are familiar with the work of my Alex Aaronson Photography Studio, one of my absolute favourite fields of photography is the fashion world. From a young age, I have always been attracted by the visually-pleasing, aesthetically interesting creations that can be made with fabric, and that use the human person as a canvas. Perhaps what I love the most is the diversity that fashion has the potential to address, and in recent years we are increasingly starting to see more representation, showing how varied and yet still beautiful this canvas can be. However, one thing […]