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3rd January 2020
Alex Aaronson Photography

Alex Aaronson on how to find your inspiration as a budding photographer

As someone who was once a complete beginner in photography, when it first sparked my interest, I know how daunting it can seem, considering how wide and varied the field of this form of art can be. As you can see on this Alex Aaronson Photography blog, which I run in my spare time from my studio, I have found inspiration in a few different branches of this art, and I believe that for every person there is at least one kind of photography that is right for them. The most important part is finding a source of inspiration. In […]
4th August 2020
Alex Aaronson

Alex Aaronson’s Ultimate Guide to Forest Photography

I will be honest, prior to developing the Alex Aaronson blog, I did not spend that much time around nature. I was more focused on attending events, practicing product photography and making industry connections. However, as time went on, I decided I wanted to expand my portfolio and include more nature-themed images. This is how I developed an interest in nature and, more specifically, forest photography. The opportunity to explore amazing locations surrounded by beautiful nature is not to be missed, and I wish I had started practicing forest photography sooner. Below are some tips that really helped me when […]
27th July 2020
alex aaronson photography

Discover More About the Art of Travel Photography with Experienced Professional: Alex Aaronson

Alex Aaronson Photography is an experienced travel photographer, renowned for his amazing landscape shots. What he does is a dream for many – the title of travel photographer is for a lot of creatives the pinnacle – aspiring photographers all around the world dream of making that their career. Of course, who wouldn’t want to travel for a living? You would think that all you need is really a camera and a plane ticket – but in practice, you are competing with thousands of extremely talented photographers all vying for the chance to call themselves full time travel photographers. This […]
20th December 2019
Alex Aaronson on landscape photography

Alex Aaronson discusses the importance of capturing natural landscapes

2019 has been a banner year for environmental awareness and activism. It seems to me that the glory and splendour of the natural world is further exacerbated when we are confronted with its fragility. Working at Alex Aaronson Photography has allowed me to pursue my deep passion capturing natural landscapes and wildlife. Nature, by definition, is all around us. Every day is an extraordinary reminder of its wonder and importance. I know many nature photographers who chase after the breath-taking and the spectacular. From arresting arctic landscapes to vast uncharted forests, nature has the capacity to captivate photographer and audience […]