About Alex Aaronson

alex aaronson

Alex Aaronson is a British freelance photographer and content creator, with extensive experience in events, lifestyle and fashion photography.  As a teenager, Alex discovered his passion for the arts, using photography as his primary outlet for self-expression. After receiving his first video camera at the age of 13, Alex has been busy documenting his life and experiences through the lens. Following the example of his mother, a renowned British fashion designer, Alex has developed an avid interest in high fashion from an early age. His desire to combine his two favorite hobbies has led him to pursue a degree in Fashion Photography. During his adolescence, he had the opportunity to master his craft and later go on to establish his own freelance business, Alex Aaronson Photography, which he runs from his private home studio.

The services offered by Alex Aaronson Photography have been sought after by designers and stylists looking to document their fashion shows and bring their clothing lines to life. Alex has a range of experience in executing fashion editorial photoshoots, with the ability to put a creative spin on all his projects and deliver to the expectations of his clients. Along with his photography skills, Alex has become well versed using editing software such as Photoshop and Indesign, enabling him to further elevate the quality of his work. As a photographer at fashion shows during 2016 London Fashion Week, Alex’s work has become increasingly popular among designers and fashion lovers. Some of his best projects have received a lot of attention on social media and have been featured in some of the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Apart from establishing his Alex Aaronson Photography business, Alex is also a passionate environmentalist, supporting a wide range of sustainability and recycling initiatives. Over the past few years, Aaronson has been involved in the documentation of various events aimed to raise awareness for climate change and global warming. Alex is also an animal lover, having given home to two rescue dogs and provided support for multiple animal protection charities that are focusing on the wellbeing of animals in communities. When he is not busy working on his Alex Aaronson Photography brand, he likes to listen to classical music and spend time travelling and exploring some of the world’s most famous art capitals. Currently, he is working on creating a photography book that captures his adventures around Europe, combining art, fashion and nature photographs.