2019 has been a banner year for environmental awareness and activism. It seems to me that the glory and splendour of the natural world is further exacerbated when we are confronted with its fragility. Working at Alex Aaronson Photography has allowed me to pursue my deep passion capturing natural landscapes and wildlife. Nature, by definition, is all around us. Every day is an extraordinary reminder of its wonder and importance.

I know many nature photographers who chase after the breath-taking and the spectacular. From arresting arctic landscapes to vast uncharted forests, nature has the capacity to captivate photographer and audience alike. More importantly, it gives people the chance to see things that many cannot even imagine. People are unlikely to navigate across frozen wastes in search of the Northern Lights. But through the lens of intrepid photographers, they are still able to delight in these images. At Alex Aaronson Photography, however, I am struck by the small details just as much as those picturesque landscapes. A dewdrop about to fall from a leaf. A bird’s unfurling wing as it’s about to take flight. It is in both the extraordinary and the ordinary that we can fully appreciate the unparalleled majesty of the natural world.

It’s difficult to spend all day searching for unique pictures without becoming more aware of the environment you are surrounded by. I draw considerable inspiration from the changing nature of our world. The morning sky, however many times you wake up to it, will always look different than the day before. It may not be immediately noticeable. But the slight variation in cloud formations and shades of colour are evidence of nature’s constantly changing and ephemeral qualities. Through Alex Aaronson Photography, I have come to realise that this work creates a deeper understanding about how our world operates. For example, capturing birds flying in formation as they prepare to migrate over the winter months actually imparts information about their annual journeys.

In many ways, natural photography is a collaboration between the artistic and scientific world. Through these images, we are able to express something beyond words and formulas. On a personal level, perhaps what I most enjoy at Alex Aaronson Photography is the opportunity to reflect on society through my art. Increased environmental awareness gives me hope that the message against materialism and consumerism is heard.

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