As someone who was once a complete beginner in photography, when it first sparked my interest, I know how daunting it can seem, considering how wide and varied the field of this form of art can be. As you can see on this Alex Aaronson Photography blog, which I run in my spare time from my studio, I have found inspiration in a few different branches of this art, and I believe that for every person there is at least one kind of photography that is right for them. The most important part is finding a source of inspiration. In this short article, I will give you some examples on where to start as a beginner, if you too would like one day to build your career in this beautiful art.

An element which has always been a bit of a muse for my art, as you can see in my early work at the Alex Aaronson Photography Studio, is nature. This can be the perfect subject for people who are starting out, and it will not matter how elaborate your equipment or your knowledge are, as long as you try to convey your perspective. During my travels, I found that even the smallest details, like a colourful flower or a funny-looking bird, would be incredibly satisfying to capture in my photographs. Even if you are just using your phone, try to look for the things you may not always notice, even just grass, and find an interesting way to include them in a picture; it will be a great exercise to find your perspective!

There are a lot of technicalities associated with the world of photography, and one of the things I have found most interesting in my work as a fashion photographer through my Alex Aaronson Studio is the concept of movement. This can be a great occasion to practice with your equipment and understand how to best capture lights, focusing on the aspects that still need to be perfectioned, and how to make that blurred picture into a work of art. Something as simple as a moving car at night can provide you with a lot of insights, once you decide how you would like the movement to look in your picture, so try to portray some details of urban life and give them a new meaning. People are always incredibly interesting in these cases, and another thing you may see in my fashion work at Alex Aaronson Photography is how I try to convey emotions and self-expression in my pictures. Portraits can be a little intimidating at first, but you can easily practice both indoors and outdoors, and experiment with light and movement and how they interact with the human subject.

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