Black and white photography is a technique that, undoubtedly, conveys a lot of emotion and truly brings out the character of the subject of a photograph. A lot of professional photographers I have met through my projects at Alex Aaronson Photography claim that this technique is rather outdated and should be replaced with more contemporary methods of production.  However, I believe that there are still plenty of reasons why black and white photography should remain an essential part of every photographer’s practice. For one, this approach truly allows us to nurture our photographic eye and creativity. When using this technique, one can’t rely on the vibrant colors, the clothing or the background to distract from the subject of the photograph. Through my work at Alex Aaronson Photography, I have found that using a black and white approach allows me to establish a better, more personal connection with the subject of my work.

There is an interesting story behind this photograph that brings me back in the days before Alex Aaronson Photography. I met Max at the hostel I was staying at during my time in Bangkok. He belonged to the owner of the hostel and was the center of attention every time a new visitor walked through the front door. With his regal posture and look of utter tranquility, I was absolutely fascinated by him and the way he walked around the three-story building, as if he himself owned the place.  After a week at the hostel, I certainly developed an attachment to Max, with him following me to the front gate of the estate every morning, as I was embarking on my explorations across the city. I took this picture on my last day in Bangkok, as a sort of good luck charm to carry be through the rest of my travels. At this point, I was three weeks into my Thailand trip, going from city to city to explore the unique nature and try and connect with the hospitality and spirituality of the local people. This trip was an incredible eye-opener for me and serve as one of my main inspirations for establishing Alex Aaronson Photography. Shooting in black and white wasn’t something I really practiced before coming to Thailand, but this approach truly allowed me to discover a different side of the country that I did not think existed.

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