Bird photography is something I used to find really challenging. This made me believe I wasn’t good at it, so I normally would stay away from trying to practice it. It took me a while but, finally, I realised that the only way to become better at something is through practice. So, over the past month, I have made it a point to really work on my bird photography skills and practice as much as possible. If you have been following the Alex Aaronson blog for a while, you would have noticed I specialise in fashion and nature photography, so this new venture was something different and challenging. Here is what I have learned so far.


Having the right camera gear is essential for when you are photographing birds. You probably know that it is difficult to get up close and take a good picture of a bird without it flying away. To get the best results, you must invest in a good camera and the appropriate lenses. The camera I have been using the most for my Alex Aaronson portfolio is not exactly appropriate for photographing birds, which is why I had to purchase a second-hand camera that can handle large bursts and that has a great autofocus system. If you have already invested in an entry-level camera, you can still take photos of birds, however, it would require you to be more patient and to have a bit of luck.


One of the first things I discovered with photographing birds is that you need to use the right camera settings. Prior to starting my Alex Aaronson business, I wasn’t very aware of all the different settings there are, but, once I started specialising in different types of photography, I figured there is a setting for pretty much any type of photo you take. In this case, you must use fast shutter speeds, especially for birds in flight. I have also experimented with the “Aperture Priority” mode, which helps you manage the different light conditions and helps you get the right photo. If you want to create a feeling of motion, you can take photos at a slightly slower shutter speed, for an interesting blurred effect. If you would like to see some examples of this type of photos, keep at eye on the blog- the Alex Aaronson Birds in Flight project is coming soon!

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