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20th December 2019
Alex Aaronson on landscape photography

Alex Aaronson discusses the importance of capturing natural landscapes

2019 has been a banner year for environmental awareness and activism. It seems to me that the glory and splendour of the natural world is further exacerbated when we are confronted with its fragility. Working at Alex Aaronson Photography has allowed me to pursue my deep passion capturing natural landscapes and wildlife. Nature, by definition, is all around us. Every day is an extraordinary reminder of its wonder and importance. I know many nature photographers who chase after the breath-taking and the spectacular. From arresting arctic landscapes to vast uncharted forests, nature has the capacity to captivate photographer and audience […]
15th October 2019
Alex Aaronson Photography

Through the lens of Alex Aaronson’s Photography: fashion as a means of self-expression

As some of you who are familiar with the work of my Alex Aaronson Photography Studio, one of my absolute favourite fields of photography is the fashion world. From a young age, I have always been attracted by the visually-pleasing, aesthetically interesting creations that can be made with fabric, and that use the human person as a canvas. Perhaps what I love the most is the diversity that fashion has the potential to address, and in recent years we are increasingly starting to see more representation, showing how varied and yet still beautiful this canvas can be. However, one thing […]
4th October 2019
Alex Aaronson Photography

The top Alex Aaronson Photography tips for beginners on taking the perfect photo

Taking your first steps in professional photography can be quite intimidating, as this is a field that requires a certain amount of skills and practical knowledge. I have compiled several useful tips that helped me out immensely in the process of establishing my freelance businesses at Alex Aaronson Photography. These will hopefully provide you some guidance on where to start and what to learn first in order to enhance your expertise. In my first year of university, prior to starting Alex Aaronson Photography, I spent a considerable amount of time on learning how these three components affect each other and […]
26th September 2019
Alex Aaronson Photography

Alex Aaronson Photography presents: the art of black and white photography

Black and white photography is a technique that, undoubtedly, conveys a lot of emotion and truly brings out the character of the subject of a photograph. A lot of professional photographers I have met through my projects at Alex Aaronson Photography claim that this technique is rather outdated and should be replaced with more contemporary methods of production.  However, I believe that there are still plenty of reasons why black and white photography should remain an essential part of every photographer’s practice. For one, this approach truly allows us to nurture our photographic eye and creativity. When using this technique, […]
2nd September 2019
alex aaronson


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