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29th April 2020
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Essential Event Photography Tips from Alex Aaronson

Here at Alex Aaronson you have probably come across some of my event work; from fashion runways to private gatherings, I have encountered many different kinds of this particular niche of photography, and I am going to share a few useful tips that could be useful if you are interested in starting. While if you want to make a career of it you will eventually get bookings, if you just want some practice you can just start bringing your camera to the next party or event you go to, and give it a spontaneous try: as long as you keep […]
8th April 2020
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Learn with Alex Aaronson: How to attract attention to your business

If you have established your own new business, getting started may feel very overwhelming. It is certainly challenging figuring out your business model and getting your first client- this is something I, too, went through when establishing my Alex Aaronson Photography business. However, don’t get discouraged- there are many ways to put yourself out there and promote your work. The first and most obvious tip I can give is to optimise your social media presence. Create accounts across all the digital networks where you can share your work in an appropriate manner. This will give you the invaluable chance of […]
18th March 2020
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Inside the Alex Aaronson Photography Studio: how to create an efficient workspace

In the digital age we live in now, with so many people approaching flexible and remote working, it is easier than ever to set up your personal workspace in your home. From my experience at the Alex Aaronson Photography Studio, which was created in my house, I have found that while there are some incredible benefits of essentially being in charge of your own office, there are a few aspects that people might not consider at first. If you are thinking of starting your own independent business, be it in the art field or not, or if you simply want […]
3rd January 2020
Alex Aaronson Photography

Alex Aaronson on how to find your inspiration as a budding photographer

As someone who was once a complete beginner in photography, when it first sparked my interest, I know how daunting it can seem, considering how wide and varied the field of this form of art can be. As you can see on this Alex Aaronson Photography blog, which I run in my spare time from my studio, I have found inspiration in a few different branches of this art, and I believe that for every person there is at least one kind of photography that is right for them. The most important part is finding a source of inspiration. In […]
2nd September 2019
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Welcome to my Blog – I will be posting my work on here, give my opinions, & share my experiences. I hope you enjoy what you see. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to collaborate or book me for your next big event or photoshoot 🙂 -Alex