23rd June 2020
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Product Photography with Alex Aaronson

Product photography has become an integral part of the marketing world, especially in an era dominated by social media. Photographers now have many more opportunities for professional realization thanks to the growing demand for product photography. When I was starting my Alex Aaronson freelance business, I completed various product photography projects that really helped me kickstart my career. I want to share some tips that really helped me improve my skills in that field.   First and foremost, it is really important to maintain good communication with the client or the artist providing the product. You need to be on […]
1st May 2020
alex aaronson photography

Learn How to Take Great Photos in Summer with Alex Aaronson Photography

Undoubtedly, summer is the best season to venture outside and explore nature. You have so many opportunities to capture the perfect moment and make the most out of the nice weather. Some of my favorite Alex Aaronson Photography projects have been summer-themed, which is why I am excited to share a few tips on how to take the best photos during the sunnier months. While everyone thinks that taking photos while the sun is shining is easy, people with more experience in photography will be able to tell you that, actually, the shadows casted by the sun can actually work […]
26th March 2020
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Alex Aaronson Shares: How Best to Apply Your Photography Skills

As an aspiring photographer, you may not be aware of all the different uses of your photography skills. You will be delighted to know that, once your skills reach a certain level, you will be able to apply them across a wide range of industries and jobs. Before I started my Alex Aaronson Photography business, I was not aware of all the different ways in which I could put my passion for art, fashion and photography into action. This is why, today, I will share some of those insights with you. If you are passionate about photography and have been […]
4th October 2019
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The top Alex Aaronson Photography tips for beginners on taking the perfect photo

Taking your first steps in professional photography can be quite intimidating, as this is a field that requires a certain amount of skills and practical knowledge. I have compiled several useful tips that helped me out immensely in the process of establishing my freelance businesses at Alex Aaronson Photography. These will hopefully provide you some guidance on where to start and what to learn first in order to enhance your expertise. In my first year of university, prior to starting Alex Aaronson Photography, I spent a considerable amount of time on learning how these three components affect each other and […]
26th September 2019
Alex Aaronson Photography

Alex Aaronson Photography presents: the art of black and white photography

Black and white photography is a technique that, undoubtedly, conveys a lot of emotion and truly brings out the character of the subject of a photograph. A lot of professional photographers I have met through my projects at Alex Aaronson Photography claim that this technique is rather outdated and should be replaced with more contemporary methods of production.  However, I believe that there are still plenty of reasons why black and white photography should remain an essential part of every photographer’s practice. For one, this approach truly allows us to nurture our photographic eye and creativity. When using this technique, […]