27th July 2020
alex aaronson photography

Discover More About the Art of Travel Photography with Experienced Professional: Alex Aaronson

Alex Aaronson Photography is an experienced travel photographer, renowned for his amazing landscape shots. What he does is a dream for many – the title of travel photographer is for a lot of creatives the pinnacle – aspiring photographers all around the world dream of making that their career. Of course, who wouldn’t want to travel for a living? You would think that all you need is really a camera and a plane ticket – but in practice, you are competing with thousands of extremely talented photographers all vying for the chance to call themselves full time travel photographers. This […]
30th June 2020
alex aaronson photography

Alex Aaronson Reveals His Top Social Media Tips

Whether you are a budding photographer or a well established one, it is very important to maintain a good social media presence nowadays. Currently, this is the easiest, most inexpensive way of promoting your work and connecting with like-minded individuals. As soon as I started the Alex Aaronson freelance business, I began to notice the advantages of using social media professionally. I was able to connect to many other aspiring photographers and exchange experience and tips, which helped me immensely in the early stages of my career. Here are some tips that helped me get stated on social.   The […]
4th June 2020
alex aaronson photography

Alex Aaronson’s Tips on Photographing Water

I’ve been fascinated with photographing water long before I started my Alex Aaronson freelance business. There is something really special about water and the way it changes shapes and forms- from the calm, still lakes, to the beautiful fountains, to the vast, deep sea. There is a different aproach to be taken for every kind of water source you will be photographing. Below are my basic tips on how to improve your work. Oftentimes, when photographing water, we cannot get a good image because of all the different ways in which light is being reflected. This is why it is […]
11th May 2020
alex aaronson photography

Alex Aaronson Shares: Top 5 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Getting started as a freelancer may seem a bit overwhelming. You are the only person in charge of your time and projects, which means that you need to develop a good schedule and keep yourself in check throughout the week. When I first started my photography business, I had my concerns about whether I’d be able to complete all my projects in the set time frame. This is why I created the Alex Aaronson agenda- my own personal diary where I scheduled out my day by hours, allocating enough time for every single thing I wanted to accomplish. Learning how […]