Here at Alex Aaronson you have probably come across some of my event work; from fashion runways to private gatherings, I have encountered many different kinds of this particular niche of photography, and I am going to share a few useful tips that could be useful if you are interested in starting. While if you want to make a career of it you will eventually get bookings, if you just want some practice you can just start bringing your camera to the next party or event you go to, and give it a spontaneous try: as long as you keep some key elements in mind, following your instinct will help give your art a unique connotation.

One of my pillars for my Alex Aaronson event work is always being prepared. There is no such thing as too much planning: make sure you are familiar with the event venue as well as its schedule, as this will be essential for you to actually take meaningful photographs that will look good. If you can, get to the venue before the event starts and assess the location, trying to imagine how the light will shift throughout the evening and where people are likely to be. Knowing the schedule will also help you be in the right place at the right time, so you won’t miss crucial moments such as an important speech or the bride throwing the bouquet.

In my Alex Aaronson work, something I often try to convey is the sense of movement; this can come particularly handy during event photography, as you will try to capture some spontaneous moments where people are not posing. Action photos might turn out to be some of your more effective coverage of the event, since they will allow you to actually portray the genuine vibe of the gathering and they will feel genuine to anyone looking at them. It is crucial to be quick and prepared for these, as well as familiar with the settings on your camera. You might also want to use the RAW format, to make the subsequent editing process easier.

The last Alex Aaronson tip I have for you is to keep in mind that people will be your main focus during event photography. If you manage to build a relationship with the guests, they will be the ones to approach you and ask you to be photographed. Also, if you plan to take close-up pictures, make sure you ask beforehand whether your chosen subjects are okay with being photographed.

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