Given that we are in the middle of the winter season, I thought that it would be nice to take it back to the sunny and warm months of the year and recap my experience working at the Miami Fashion Week. I still remember the excitement of receiving an invitation with “Alex Aaronson” written on the front- that was one of my first jobs as a professional photographer and I felt very lucky to be attending. As a young photographer who has been interested in fashion from an early age, this was the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my skills and get my name out there. A few weeks before the main event, I spent a while researching the designers participating and familiarizing myself with their work. If you are someone who is just getting into fashion photography, I would certainly recommend doing this before any type of fashion show or event- this gives you a great opportunity to learn the characteristic elements of their work.

Once I arrived at Miami, I was mesmerised by the atmosphere and the attention to detail that had gone into organising the series of events. I hadn’t imagined that, only six months after starting my Alex Aaronson Photography business, I would be attending one of the most talked-about industry events. During the first day of the Fashion Week, I tried to document as much as I possibly could. This is where my prior research truly came in handy- I knew all the designers who were presenting on the day and chose to attend the runways I thought would be the most interesting. In doing so, I gave myself plenty of time to find a good spot in the audience from where I could take some nice photos. As one of the youngest photographers there, I was also able to make a lot of industry connections and share more about the work behind the Alex Aaronson business.

The most impressionable show of the week was the summer collection of a prominent Peruvian designer. During my time as the manager of Alex Aaronson Photography, I hadn’t witnessed such a diverse and vibrant runway- from the designs, to the fabrics and the music- everything was perfectly thought out. I will certainly remember this show and the week in general, and I am hoping to document the event next year too. 

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