Undoubtedly, summer is the best season to venture outside and explore nature. You have so many opportunities to capture the perfect moment and make the most out of the nice weather. Some of my favorite Alex Aaronson Photography projects have been summer-themed, which is why I am excited to share a few tips on how to take the best photos during the sunnier months.

While everyone thinks that taking photos while the sun is shining is easy, people with more experience in photography will be able to tell you that, actually, the shadows casted by the sun can actually work against you. It is important to know how to leverage the power of each sun ray. IF you browse through some of the previous Alex Aaronson Photography blog posts, you will notice there are quite a few photos of flowers or trees in sunny weather. The secret to this kind of photos is to face away from the sun. This may sound counterintuitive but, actually, it will help direct the light in the right direction, so that your object stands out more. If you find that your subject is still a bit too dark, consider using Exposure Compensation- it is an approach I have used numerous of times!

A great idea when taking photos during a sunny afternoon is to take advantage of the bright sunshine and use it as a cool effect in your photos. If you want to incorporate some bursts of sunlight in your photos, try using a smaller aperture, or, alternatively, put your camera into Aperture Priority mode. This is a technique that was shown to me by one of my fellow photography classmates and that I have used for many years, even before the Alex Aaronson Photography blog existed! It is definitely a great way to add more character into your photos and use your surroundings in your advantage.

If you have tried numerous different techniques, from polarizing to density filters, but you are not completely satisfied with the final product, why not change the approach? Try out black and white photos- if you have been following the Alex Aaronson Photography blog for a while, you know I often use this approach, and for a good reason! Using black and white photography in very sunny conditions can help you turn the shadows into an interesting distinction.

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