If you have established your own new business, getting started may feel very overwhelming. It is certainly challenging figuring out your business model and getting your first client- this is something I, too, went through when establishing my Alex Aaronson Photography business. However, don’t get discouraged- there are many ways to put yourself out there and promote your work. The first and most obvious tip I can give is to optimise your social media presence. Create accounts across all the digital networks where you can share your work in an appropriate manner. This will give you the invaluable chance of not only acquiring your first supporters and clients, but of also interacting with fellow industry professionals. Remember to always engage with your followers and with people whose work you admire- this will increase your online visibility.

If you are also wanting to start a photography business, I’d say that one of the best way to amass a good customer base is by creating a high-quality portfolio. The first Alex Aaronson Photography portfolio was not great- it took me months to perfect it and to be able to proudly showcase it online. It is important to select only the best of your works for the portfolio- think of it as a highlight reel that shows your greatest strengths. If you are unsure, it is always worth asking for a second opinion- perhaps one of your university professors or tutors will be happy to give you some valuable feedback on the things you can improve. It is all about practice- don’t be afraid to try different things until you are satisfied with the result.

A great website is absolutely essential nowadays- it is how you can make a first impression on the rest of the world. This was the very first thing I focused on with Alex Aaronson Photography. I invested a lot of time and money into it but the result was definitely worth it. If you don’t have the knowledge on how to build your own website, don’t worry- there are multiple services you could use! Being successful is all about being adaptable. The first client of Alex Aaronson Photography was actually someone who had discovered my work through their friends’ wedding. So, make sure to explore every opportunity and learn to say “yes” to different, interesting jobs.

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