Ever since I was young, autumn has been my favorite season. There is something about those three transitional months, about the quiet graciousness with which the leaves are falling from the trees and the world is getting ready for the winter season. Back then, when the Alex Aaronson Photography blog was nothing but a dream, I loved venturing out on a late afternoon and wait for the sunset. Time and time again, I was captivated by the soft purples, dark blues and vibrant yellows that would paint the sky and make the landscape look like a picture on the cover of a coloring book. Even then, at the age of ten or eleven, I was hoping to, one day, be able to truly captivate the beauty of these sunsets in September.

Now, almost two decades later, it is fair to say that I have photographer many different sunsets. After starting Alex Aaronson Photography, however, I had the opportunity to take beautiful pictures not only from the back garden of my childhood home, but also from some of the most breathtaking locations around the world, in Spain, Italy, Miami and Mexico. I’ve tested various techniques when it comes to nature photography but have found that the best results can be achieved by using wide-angle lens. The main reason is because they allow me to show a broader view and give a pretty nice sense of an open space.

Sometimes, I play around with different polarizing filters if I want to bring out the darker shades and create a better contrast between the blues and the white clouds. Another great tip I came to learn when I was creating content for the Alex Aaronson Photography blog was to also use neutral density filters. They can prevent too much light from entering the camera and are super useful on those brighter days, when it can be tricky to get the perfect photograph.

One of the first thing I did when I launched the Alex Aaronson Photography business is to purchase a tripod- this little device has saved me on so many occasions and it always allows me to take my time when finding the best angle for a photo. This particular sunset photo was taken with a tripod-  it gave me the stability and perspective necessary to capture the landscape in its entirety.

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