As some of you who are familiar with the work of my Alex Aaronson Photography Studio, one of my absolute favourite fields of photography is the fashion world. From a young age, I have always been attracted by the visually-pleasing, aesthetically interesting creations that can be made with fabric, and that use the human person as a canvas. Perhaps what I love the most is the diversity that fashion has the potential to address, and in recent years we are increasingly starting to see more representation, showing how varied and yet still beautiful this canvas can be. However, one thing I have observed through my training is the way fashion can be used as a means to express oneself, and I will be reflecting upon a few points in this article here on Alex Aaronson Photography.

They say the cowl does not make the monk, and that one should not judge from appearances, but sometimes the way we present ourselves visually can be the first step to make a statement. What I have seen from emerging designers and fashion lovers alike is how clothes are starting to become a way to express one’s personal values, which I find incredibly interesting to capture in my art. Depending on the stylist, you can really see someone’s personal values through the choices they make, and I have been lucky enough to have some of these instances as part of my Alex Aarsonson Photography Portfolio which you can consult at my studio. Sustainability is an increasingly important topic nowadays, and I consider myself a keen environmentalist, so I always appreciate when this particular value transpires through someone’s art. The consumer choices we make, even in our clothes, are an overt way to make a statement, and when you choose to buy more sustainable options, such as ethically farmed cotton or vegan “leather”, you are making it very clear that you believe in it, and even raising awareness!

Fashion is really an industry where a significant difference for the environment can be made, which is why I love being involved in its innovation. A lot of the formal training that has led me to opening Alex Aaronson Photography has been inspired by the power of fashion when it comes to conforming and expressing individuality in society. Through fashion, we are free to show our relation to what is perceived as a social norm, and how we may decide to interpret it, or sometimes to ignore it completely, which can be a great way to show personality. What I love the most when photographing fashion, is seeing the model as somebody who is comfortable as well as confident, and I believe finding the right clothes is one of the main ways to achieve this sensation. If you are interested in knowing more about my work or my philosophy, feel free to explore the rest of my Alex Aaronson Photography platforms!

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